Community Carol Service in Tabernacle Church

Just to remind everyone there is a Community Carol Service in Tabernacle Church Newbridge Tonight at 6.30pm.



2 Responses to “Community Carol Service in Tabernacle Church”

  • deribryn:

    It is a disgrace that Tabernacle Chapel is the only religious group that has been given space to advertise on this web site and to make things even worse you show a group of choir singers who are from a catholic service whether Anglican or Roman shame on you for being so biased to other faiths.Tabernacle is not a Church just a chapel as seen in the original stone work

    • We have made it more than clear that anyone can advertise on Newbridge-Online. Tabernacle Chapel or Tabernacle Church did not ask us to put this on here, we chose to.

      However, this is not an advert but a community announcement, just like many other announcements this community websites tells people about, whether its half naked men in the rugby club or a charity night, we tell the facts.

      We support all faiths and religions, as you can tell by the use of the Catholic carol singers picture.
      Its a pity people use faith and religion as a division between groups of people. In the eyes of Newbridge-Online, we are all equal.

      Whether its a church or a chapel, only God will decide, but I’m sure he doesn’t care, and I’m sure most of the community don’t care either, its a great place for the community to get together and that’s all that matters.

      Please let us know if you want to advertise your choice of worship on here, everyone has space on Newbridge-Online.

      Have a good Christmas.

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