Crumlin Road Rage Caused by New Road Layout

road-rageIt’s been a while now, but what do people think of the new Crumlin road layout, great at quite times, but it was fine before. At peak times, we think they have just moved the problem onto the Hafodyrynys hill and never gave any consideration to the bottle neck they were creating, they have spent millions with no real benefit to anyone. Having two lanes going into one with nowhere for the traffic to go has just created a stressful situation for drivers trying to get to work.
At peak times, the traffic jams now lead from Hafodyrynys village down through Crumlin and sometimes up over the Kendon and back to Aberbeeg. There are too many cars from many directions pouring onto a restricted road all at once.

When the traffic is bumper to bumper all the way up the hill, road rage has gone through the roof with inconsiderate rude drivers jumping the queues driving up the overtaking lane and pushing and forcing their way in at the top making others even later for work. Would they do this in a supermarket queue?
What’s the answer? not a lot can be done without substantial further investment in Hafodyrynys. Thousands of vehicles on a 60 mph two lane road going into one lane in a 30 mph village just doesn’t work.
One thing they could do to keep the traffic flowing, even at a slow pace is to get rid of the pedestrian crossing in Hafodyrynys and replace it with a subway under the road, so the children to cross safely to get their buses in the mornings. Once those lights are activated it only takes a few minutes to create a back log for miles at peak times, and drivers coming down from the Pant jump out of their cars quite often and use this crossing to stop the traffic so they can get out of the lane. The council also needs to get rid of the two lanes that filter into one from the Newbridge side of the lights so to hold some of the traffic back there and create the right balance from both directions and they could also do with re-syncing the lights.
Perhaps the council or councilors can comment on if there’s is going to be an inquiry into the millions that were spent on these improvements that never made any difference and has actually made it worse!!

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