The War Memorial

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them

1914 – 1918

1939 – 1945

  • T.Abraham S.W.B
  • C.Beresford S.W.B.
  • H.Birt 2nd Mons.
  • J.Bryant
  • H.Carter R.W.F
  • V.Carter
  • S.Cleaver
  • G.Coules S.W.B.
  • T.Coombes S.W.B.
  • J.Dallow S.W.B.
  • D.Bowen-Dart S.W.B.
  • A.Davies S.W.B.
  • J.Davies S.W.B.
  • J.E.Davies R.N.
  • W.E.Davies Glos.Regt.
  • A.I.Durbin S.W.B
  • L.H.Edge R.N
  • J.Edwards
  • F.Ellway
  • J.Evans S.W.B.
  • E.German Welch Regt.
  • M.G.Gough R.Marines
  • A.W.Grimes S.W.B.
  • A.Hillier S.W.B.
  • F.Hillier 2nd Mons.
  • E.Humphries S.W.B.
  • J.Jackson 2nd Mons.
  • H.C.James R.R.B.
  • R.James S.W.B.
  • R.Jenkins S.W.B.
  • T.Jenkins
  • W.M.Jenks S.W.B
  • C.S.E.Jones S.W.B.
  • R.Jones R.W.F.
  • T.Jones R.W.F.
  • W.Jones 2nd Mons.
  • W.Jones
  • W.E.Lander
  • W.C.Carnock
  • A.S.Coulton S.W.B.
  • F.Lewis 1st Welch.
  • H.J.Lewis S.W.B.
  • J.H.Lewis R.Marines.
  • J.A.Maiden S.W.B.
  • D.Meredith S.W.B.
  • P.O.B.Morris R.N.D.
  • D.Murphy R.F.A.
  • A.Newman S.W.B.
  • J.Newman Welch Regt.
  • H.G.Noble S.W.B.
  • J.Owen S.W.B.
  • J.Parker 2nd Mons.
  • S.Peacock S.W.B.
  • J.J.Pearne S.W.B.
  • E.S.Price S.W.B.
  • G.Price S.W.B.
  • S.Price S.W.B.
  • J.M.Pryce S.W.B.
  • E.Reynolds S.W.B.
  • J.A.Richards Dorsets.
  • W.Roberts 2nd Mons.
  • W.Rowlands S.W.B.
  • A.C.Salmon S.W.B.
  • R.Sheppard S.W.B.
  • C.Taylor R.F.A.
  • J.J.Tilley S.W.B.
  • G.E.V.Tyler R.F.A.
  • A.Venner R.E.Tunn’i’g C.
  • A.Ward S.W.B.
  • B.Watson S.W.B.
  • H.Whitcoombe 2nd Mons.
  • G.S.Williams R.F.A.
  • S.G.Williams R.F.A.
  • T.Williams
  • T.J.Williams S.W.B.
  • A.Workmen S.W.B.
  • E.Workmen S.W.B.
  • E.M.Evans
  • A.Harvey
  • W.Gardener R.Tank Regt.
  • D.A.Barritt R.C.Signals.
  • W.T.Barritt R.A.
  • L.H.Belcher R.A.C.
  • R.Caldginton R.A.
  • A.F.Cole 4th K.S.L.I.
  • G.D.Cox R.A.F.
  • A.Davies R.A.F.
  • J.Edmunds R.A.F.
  • R.G.Gabb R.N.
  • C.Greenslade R.A.F.
  • R.Gregg R.C.Signals.
  • T.S.Gregory R.A.F.
  • F.Grey R.A.F.
  • J.A.Harris S.W.B.
  • N.A.Hextall 5th Northants.
  • G.T.Higgs R.A.F.
  • C.Hopkins R.A.
  • R.H.Jenkins R.A.F.
  • S.Jenkins R.A.F.
  • H.Jones M.N.
  • D.G.Lewis R.A.
  • J.D.Lewis R.A.F.
  • D.McKinney Devon Regt.
  • T.Meredith R.N.
  • I.T.Morgan R.A.F.
  • D.W.Payne R.A.F.
  • R.Pritchard D’ke Well’gton Regt.
  • W.J.Ralph Lancs. Fusiliers.
  • R.M.Ross R.A.F.
  • F.H.Saunders R.N.
  • S.Simpkins S.W.B.
  • J.Smith M.N.
  • V.Smith R.A.F.
  • C.Summerhayes 2nd Mons.
  • R.K.Vines King’s O.Royal Regt.
  • R.S.Vines R.N.
  • R.Watkins R.A.F.
  • G.C.Whittaker Cyprus – 1956.
  • G.J.Morgan R.E.




old_cenetaph This picture is of the original war memorial which was erected in Caetwmpyn Park in 1936.  However in recent years it became a constant target for mindless vandal’s graffiti and defacement.

In 1995 it was donated to the St.Fagans-Musem of Welsh Life near Cardiff, and was rededicated by the Most Reverend-Alwyn Rice Jones-Archbishop of Wales on October 19th 1996.

“It stands as a memorial to all those men and women of Wales who gave their lives for their county”





The new memorial,
High Street




Click here to search the Debt Of Honour Register For Heroes That Died In All Wars defending our country.


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3 Responses to “The War Memorial”

  • timb:

    I am researching the men commemorated on the Newbridge War Memorial in conjunction with the National History Museum at St Fagans and the British Legion. This project is currently focused on the WW1 casualties.

    If anyone has a relative commemorated on the memorial I’d love to hear from you. If you have any family stories, photos, medals, death pennies etc it would be great to have photos of them to add to the story.

    Please take a look at the website and use the ‘Can You Help?’ link if you have anything which you’d like to contribute to the site.


  • […] Reply to him on the post comments page here […]

  • timb:

    Thanks to a very kind relation, I have been able to add photographs of the Death Plaque, British War & Victory medals and the Newbridge Medallion for Alfred Prosser Workman

    Alfred and his brother Edward Workman, who also died in the Great War were living at 6 Golden Grove in the 1911 Census. In the years following the war their parents, William and Louisa moved to 7 Golden Grove

    Any information on any of the men on the memorial would be much appreciated.

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