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  • eirwen:

    How do the residents of Newbridge and the surrounding areas feel about Barclays bank on high street Newbridge only opening 3 days a week. from April 2015. The banks opening times will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 09.30 until 16.30.
    I am saddened by this change, as I feel it is the start of Barclays probably closing the branch within a few years.
    if people need to do any urgent banking on a Tuesday or Thursday it means a journey to Blackwood, either on the bus, which for some would mean a long walk from one end of Blackwood to the other, or paying parking fees to park the car.
    so many people are doing on-line banking so I know that the bank isn’t as busy as it used to be.
    I would be interested to hear other peoples opinions on these changes.

  • craft-y-nan:

    We will end up like Crumlin and all the money that has been spent on renovations.
    What we need is a GOOD SUPERMARKET Aldi’s or one of the other top stores . DO IT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE . GER RID OF THE MOST USELESS SHOP IN NEWBRIDGE >>>>>> THE CO OP

    Vivienne Morgan ( broome )

  • DaiCharm:

    With regards to Barclays, I’m well cheesed off.
    As when HSBC shut, I transferred my account to Barclays, as although I do alot online, I find the need to go into the branch if needed.
    When I transferred my account I aired my views about closures to the assistant who handled the transfer. Her words were “they’ve just spent loads doing the bank up, they wont close us”

    I like others, fear the end of Barclays in Newbridge !!!

  • Elizabeth:

    I’m sure the cashier at the time of this comment thought it to be true,after all it could well be her job too.Lets hope Barclays stay in Newbridge for us all old and young.

  • Pdugmore:

    How do I e-mail you asking to put a story on here?

  • Beecham:

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. My grandfather is trying to get in contact with an old friend, he hasn’t seen him for quite a few years and last he heard the gentleman had moved to Gloucester (or somewhere near there). The man he is looking to get in contact with is Arthur Francis Smith and he would be 68 years old. If any of his family still live in Newbridge or if you have any information which could help please reply to this. He just wants to see if he’s ok (alive) and have a catch up. Thank you.

  • eirwen:

    I have posted this on the Greenfield school page on Facebook. I will put any responses I get on here. Fingers crossed we will be able to help in your search.

  • eirwen:

    I know there are smiths or used to be smiths in hazel wood rd Pantside infact there were 2 sets of smiths liveing in Hazelwood rd don’t know if they still live there now hope that any help

  • eirwen:

    Knew an Arthur Smith lived in Llanarth road Treowen. His sister lives or lived in Treowen Road. Don’t know any more a

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